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Garden screens & Metal

Cut outs

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At Designer Dirt we offer a large range of garden screens in a variety of quality materials.

We are a stockist of Outdeco garden screens. Their Gardenscreen™ panel is pressed from 100% sustainably sourced hardwood timbers (in most cases the hardy gum tree). It’s manufactured in a carbon negative plant, sourcing from a geographic envelope local to the mill and using a conscientious mixture of sources including environmental felling and other sources that may otherwise be considered waste. Unique to fibreboards, organic fibre makes up 97% of Gardenscreen™ panel, and no synthetic glues or bindings are used. So it’s a tick for garden, tick for the world’s garden and a gold star for you!

What does Carbon Negative mean to you? Basically there’s an oversupply of C²O in the atmosphere. Traditional production of materials like steel, aluminium and plastics use or omit C²O. Plants and products like ours that are based on organic matter actually sequest it (absorb it). So in short a Carbon negative product is solving the problem. Their range of designs is available in a number of sizes and is simply stunning!

To see the range of designs available from Outdeco please follow the link below.


We can also custom cut metal panels and cut outs to your very own designs in Corten weathering steel, stainless steel and aluminium as well as mild steel, which can be powder coated locally. Three dimensional elements can also be incorporated if you wish. For examples of our work scroll through our Outdoor Art Gallery