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Our Creatives

At Designer Dirt we are fortunate to support a number of local artisans that exhibit their work with us. We have an amazing and diverse collection of work available at affordable prices. There are so many talented people in our region!

Artisan Soap Works

Katy Shekell creates stunning soaps in small batches from high quality ingredients, that are an artwork in themselves. No two pieces of soap are the same. Originally she trained as a landscape architect and in environmental management in Germany and then worked in project management after moving to Australia, but had a career change after having her daughter. Now she runs her own business.

She's loving this new direction and is expanding her range to include more body care products.

Carol Duncan Photography

Carol's escape from commercial photography and big love is capturing contemporary local landscapes, abstracts and creative fine art images. The images she creates are generally a spontaneous reaction to her environment, capturing the light, colour and mood around her. She says she is so lucky to live in such a spectacular part of the world, where everywhere you look there is something inspirational to the eye.

Her prints are available at Designer Dirt in a range of sizes, in either traditional or circular format. If you love a particular piece of her work, please ask!

Janelle Peterson

Janelle was born in Albany and spent time in Darwin, then returned to Albany in her twenties - and has always felt like Albany was her home. Janelle studied Art at ECU and then at Curtin University.

Inspired by print making techniques, she processes that inspiration through her ceramic work.

She enjoys using texture and found objects for mark making and loves exploring new techniques.

New Scentsations

Rochelle Stewart is an Albany local whom hand pours a beautiful range of gorgeously scented soy candles for us. Born and raised in Albany, she is currently studying Teaching online through Curtin, whilst looking after her little boy. She loves being outdoors and going to the beach. Her favourite thing to do is going fishing with her Dad.

She started making candles over 5 years ago as she wanted something to do in her spare time, as she loves to be busy. 

Richard Peterson

Richard grew up mostly in Rural Denmark. As a child he had an insatiable curiosity about how things worked. He was always getting in trouble for breaking things and pulling everything apart. Essentially he had to find out the answers to the most important questions in life. What was inside things? Which things were tougher? How much weight could something take before it broke? What could he make from the parts?

His favourite toys to wreck were cars with little flywheels inside. They were a most prized possession! He'd spin them like a tiny spinning top and see how long it took before they stopped - though never officially recognised as one of Australia's leading scientists, he's pretty sure it's not too far away ;)

As an adult, he's still the same, wrecking and recreating, only now he has additional skills, such as welding, cutting, soldering, filing and shaping.He has amassed collections he wants to put together in different ways to make entirely new things ... and he's still asking himself the same question ... WHY do this????? and the answer remains the same ... he has no idea, he just wants to, it's fun and it makes him happy ... and the best bit ... as an adult he doesn't get his backside thrashed for pulling things apart anymore!

Ron Edwards

Working at Albany Hydraulics during the week, Ron loves to have a play in his shed when he some spare time - when he's not brewing up a batch of his latest favourite beer of course!

He has had his work at Designer Dirt for over 5 years now and while he was making larger works in the past he has found his current niche making mozzie coil holders, which are proving very popular with locals and tourists. Always up for a challenge, new designs are always happening and new projects too - the latest being some table numbers for the Ace Motel's Ryan's Restaurant in Albany.

Wild Forest Studio

Over the years Karen has explored many creative mediums but always knew jewellery design was where she wanted to be. She fell in love with silver in 2012 when she took classes with a much admired Margaret River jeweller, and hasn’t looked back since.

Her preferred mediums are silver, copper, brass, enamel, timber and resin. She loves seeing how they react, if they can be combined and how they work together. The detail found in nature inspires her work.