Our Commitment to Recycled Packaging ♻

Our Commitment to Recycled Packaging ♻

One of our greatest challenges in retail is the sheer volume of packaging and single-use plastic used for products, whether we’re receiving them, or we are sending packages to you. So, we made a commitment when we started in retail to do all we could to decrease, recycle, and reuse our packaging and we're always finding new ways to do this.

When you buy from us, we wrap and send your parcel in recycled or reused packaging. We reuse all our bubble wrap, plastic wrap, paper wrap and corn starch pack bubbles and lots of the cardboard boxes that arrive at Designer Dirt.  We have never bought any of these in the ten years we’ve been running as a business. We often get beautiful/fun packaging and stickers from our suppliers and we always love reusing them for your orders, and now we can source compostable satchels, we’re thrilled!  

The wrapping paper we use is from recycled paper. All our printing and gift certificates are also created using recycled paper. Our customers are great too and support us by usually bringing their own bags to shop with us. The local community are also fantastic recyclers and know we’ll give whatever we can to them to reuse. So, quite a few of our cardboard boxes, tubes, foam & excess packaging materials regularly go to them as well as to our local schools and kindies for use in craft and other creative projects.

We hope this gives you confidence that when you receive a package from us, we are trying our hardest to make sure we are slowing or eliminating the use of single use plastic within our beautiful planet. We hope you can also find a way to reuse or recycle your packaging materials when they come to you. Thank you for helping to slow down single-use materials!

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