Gallery 2017 - 2022

At Designer Dirt we stock a wide variety of outdoor and garden art. We really enjoy creating outdoor art, rustic furniture and plant accessories to order. Scrap metal sculptures are our specialty and we always try to include elements that have a special meaning for individual customers. We've included some examples of our work below. Please contact us if you'd like to find out more.
Below you will find our Gallery of Works for 2017 - 2022


Steer sculpture made of scrap steel and retired tools by Ian Michael.  Commissioned by Paul O'Meehan of Butterfield Beef in Borden, Western Australia
Sculptor Ian Michael with his scrap metal steer sculpture.  Commissioned by Butterfield Beef
Scrap metal steel bull sculpture by Ian Michael of Designer Dirt at Butterfield Beef in Borden, Western Australia
Retro style weathering steel street sign with polycarbonate backing by Designer Dirt in Albany
Curlew Creek corten cut out farm sign by Jane MIchael of Designer Dirt in Albany, Western Australia


Wood stackers, Designer Dirt in…ned by Tom and Sarah Bowles.jpg
Weathering steel tulip with bee …lbany, Western Australia 2021.jpg


Rustic plant stand by Ian Mich.jpgae… by Handasyde's Strawberries



Wire grass tree sculptures Ian M…lbany, Western Australia 2018.jpg