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Ag lime

Used to increase pH.

Also adds calcium to the soil. Also known as Lime sand

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Bird baths and Plant stands

A wide range both in stock and made to order. Available in concrete, ceramic and new or recycled metal

Blue metal 14mm

Practically sized for paths and dry creek beds

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Coastal stone - Fine and Coarse grades

Excellent for driveways and pathways. Very durable. Hard enough to use in concrete mixes. Can be used as an inorganic mulch. Excellent around succulents.

The fine grade is suitable for compacting

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Our compost is free of added chemicals and fertilisers and suitable for blending and high in Potassium, so it's perfect for fruiting and flowering plants

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Feature stone

A range of stunning feature stones in a wide variety of sizes

Fire pits

We stock a wide range of locally made fire pits, including rustic plough disc designs and hand cut metal orbs.

For more details visit our Fire pits page.

Gabion cages

Our cages have been GALFAN dipped, which has a longer service life and a higher resistance to corrosion than traditional zinc galvanized coating.

Supplied as a kit, which includes the basket, stays and the helical spiral wire fasteners. All baskets come flat packed, ready to be assembled and filled with your choice of material.

Garden mix

A very popular nutrient-rich blend that can be used for most garden types. Suitable for direct seeding. pH range 6.0-7.0. Suitable for blending. Chemical free. We can also make custom mixes

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Garden screens

A huge range of garden screens. Fantastic patterns. Available in various sizes in compressed hardwood and aluminium. Suitable for outdoors as is or can be painted. Outdoor guarantee. See our Links page for more information.

We can also cut custom designed screens in mild steel and stainless steel. These can be laser cut or plasma cut (which is done by hand and gives a more rustic finish). They can then be finished with a protective coating or powder coated. Please talk to us if you have a particular idea in mind. For more details see our Garden screens page


A new surface stabilisation solution

For more details see our Geohex page

Iron stone

Suitable for Iron stone walls. Varying sizes. Cleaves well and very economical.

Also known as Coffee rock

Mallee roots

Brilliant for a hot, slow-burning fire

Metal cut outs

We have a wide range of designs available and are always happy to do custom work. Hand and machine plasma cutting available in mild steel, aluminium, stainless and corten. Please ask about powder coating options. See our Outdoor art gallery for examples of our work

Metal dust

Compacts well. Great base for paving and synthetic turf.

Also known as crusher dust, cracker dust and granite dust

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Metal garden edging

Available in mild steel, weathering steel or with a galvanised finish, in a range of sizes. To find out more visit our Metal Garden Edging page

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Metal sculptures

Local artists. Wide variety of pieces available.

We also create custom made art work.

See our Outdoor art gallery for more


Local artist. A wide variety of pieces including surf scenes, black cockatoos and wok art. Also stepping stones, including stunning pelicans, funky cows, patterns ...

Have a look at our Outdoor art gallery to see other previous work

Moss Rock

Various sizes

Mulch - Coarse

Sourced from the canopy of blue gum plantations, this is a clean, weed-free mulch. Well aged. The coarseness of this mulch ensures it will hang together, making it a great product for windy areas. Good weed suppressant. Water wise

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Mulch - Native mix

A light, clean mulch. Suitable for soft fall projects

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Potting mix

Made at our yard. Ingredients include a rich, black compost base, water retentive coir and a coarse free-draining sand. Very popular. A quality product

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Premix - Blue metal and Coastal stone base options

As an alternative, the coastal stone based premix is subtler in colour and works well with limestone, sand stone and rustic finishes

Raised planters

Locally made raised planter beds. In stock and made to order

Rustic fence posts & jam posts

Character pieces! Good for adding instant height in the garden, features or displays. A range of lengths is available

Rustic furniture and accessories

Made to order in our spare time!!! Using salvage timber sold at our yard. Benches, tables, candle holders and more ...

Check out our Outdoor art gallery for more examples

Sand - Coarse river sand

Great drainage product. Will not compact. Also useful for horse yards and adding to potting mix to increase drainage, especially for succulent mixes

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Sand - Top dressing

Often used for filling holes in lawns. A choice of aged organic manures can also be mixed in to suit your application. Has a high water retention level and can help with non-wetting soil situations.

We also make an Aged compost / Top dressing sand custom mix that works very well on lawns, providing a good nutrient base and helping in non-wetting situations

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Sleepers & salvage timber

Various salvage timbers available.

New untreated jarrah sleepers also in stock

Sustee plant water meter

Sustee is a new 'watering checker' that can tell you when to water your plant, and when not to. To find out more visit our Sustee Plant Water Meters page

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Synthetic turf

Save time and water with this incredibly realistic, low-maintenance, allergy-free and pet-safe turf.

28mm height x 3/8" gauge x stitch rate 160 s/m s. Double stitched backing. 5 year guarantee

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Top soil

While our current topsoil isn't the prettiest around, it's a great product. Clean and consistent, we use it in our Garden Mix with great results. It can be used on it's own but we recommend blending with compost for better nutrition

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Ungraded stone

Unwashed river stone. A natural blend of tumbled stone in sizes up to 300mm. Mixed colours and patterns. Includes some cracked stones and fines. Ideal for water features, river beds ... Excellent value

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Washed stone 10 - 20

An inorganic mulch that is great around pot plants and also with pavers. Outstanding feature product. Also known as river gravel

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Washed stone 20 - 45

Tumbled river stone. Suitable for a multitude of purposes, including paths, pot plants, river beds and water features.

A mix of 20 - 45, 45 - 90 and ungraded stone can create a more natural feel

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Washed stone 45 - 90

STUNNING!! Gorgeous tumbled river stone. Excellent feature stones. A natural mix of colours and patterns. Colours are enhanced when wet. Great for creating river beds and water features

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Quality weedmat sold by the metre

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