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Outdoor Art Gallery

At Designer Dirt we stock a wide variety of outdoor and garden art. We really enjoy creating art, rustic furniture and accessories to order. Scrap metal sculptures are our specialty and we always try to include pieces that have a special meaning for individual customers. We have included some examples of our work below. Please contact us if you would like to find out more ...

Commissioned work

Life Cycle of the Australian Admiral Butterfly

Commissioned by South Regional TAFE in Albany, these sculptures depict the life cycle of a local butterfly. TAFE came to us looking for some outdoor art and the only stipulation was that it fitted in with their native gardens. We suggested a series of sculptures of a local butterfly, the Australian Admiral, symbolising a natural example of spectacular personal growth.

Living art

Buy Fairy cut out

Metal art & sculptures

Order Lovebirds in a Nest

Rustic metal + timber pieces

Previous work