If you're planning your own outdoor renovations and need to figure out just how much you will need or what transportation to use, you can use our handy product calculator

Length(m) x Width(m) x Depth(m) = amount in cubic metres

Example: 5m x 2m x 100mm(0.1) = 1 cubic metre

Product Calculator

Garden Shape
Actual Volume



Mulches - should be applied 75 to 100 millimetres thick (avoid mulching too close to the trunk or stem of your plant).

Lawn Mixes - should be applied 10 to 20 mm thick as a top dressing and 50 to 100 mm thick as a base for new lawns.

Sands and Gravels - these vary depending on the purpose.

If you are compacting the product then, as a general guide, you should allow for roughly 30% extra product.

Sometimes your project area may not be square or rectangular, it may be winding and change widths at various times which can make correct measurement difficult. An option is to estimate the average width and use that in your calculation, or you can transfer your measurements onto 1 cm graph paper and count the boxes! We are here to help you so please contact us if you need assistance in this area.


To cover 1 square metre with pebbles around 10 mm diameter you will use 1 x 18 litre bag.

For pebbles up to 30 mm you will use 2 bags.

Using 10 mm pebble a scoop will cover 20 square metres.

With 30 mm pebble a scoop will cover up to 10 square metres.

Soil, sand and mulch

1 scoop = 0.5 cubic metre

2 scoops = 1 cubic metre


1 scoop = 0.4 cubic metre

2 scoops = 0.8 cubic metre

If you are using products that you plan to compact, like coastal stone for pathways or metal dust for a base under paving, the amount you order needs to factor that in. As a general rule, 30% extra needs to be ordered to allow for compaction of the product. Please call us if you have questions on this.

If you have any queries about the quantity of product you need, then please don't hesitate to contact us for help.