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Metal Garden Edging

At Designer Dirt, we stock a range of garden edging options. We can cut steel to size on-site, but we also offer StraightCurve edging in weathering steel or a galvanised finish in a range of heights.

StraightCurve is the first steel garden edge that flexes instead of bends. No need for pre-shaping or custom made curves. All curves can be made on-site as you go.


With various designs, you can stop grasses, raise beds or do both at the same time.  It looks stylish and doesn't need looking after.  It does not crack, it does not move, it does not change shape and it lasts for a long, long time. It is also a safe option, with a smooth rounded top, making it child friendly.

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StraightCurve weathering steel Flexline garden edging - final finish

StraightCurve has tried to make it as easy as possible to install their products. If you like doing things yourself you can - all you need is a rubber mallet, a cordless drill and an angle grinder.  Otherwise, we can put you in touch with a local installer.

Call in to check out our display or get in touch if you have any queries.

To find out more about the extensive range of StraightCurve products you can also visit

StraightCurve weathering steel Flexline edging - yet to rust

StraightCurve galvanised Flexline garden edging

StraightCurve edging comes all the necessary fixing spikes and accessories you need