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Grow Probe

Grow Probe

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A fantastic, new indoor plant tool that lets you easily check the moisture in the soil at the bottom of a pot. This is where checking moisture counts when it comes to watering! It has four notches along the body that, when pushed vertically into the soil and pulled out again, collect the samples throughout the soil.

Using these samples, you can feel the soil and decide whether the plant needs to be watered. If it's moist or wet, check again in a few more days. If it's dry, it's time to water.

As well as preventing you from overwatering, it also aerates the soil! This is great for improving drainage and root health.

Made from recycled plastic.

  • The Growprobe is best used in pots 12cm (diameter) and up.
  • Push the probe into an empty space in the pot, avoiding the base of the plant.
  • Avoid using it on root-dense plants such as Bonsai. If it doesn't go in easily, don't push it.
  • If the GrowProbe is used on a diseased plant, be sure to sterilize it in isopropyl alcohol after use to avoid transmission to other plants.
  • Best suited for soil-based media as the notches aren't able to pick up larger materials such as bark.
  • Unless the soil sample is obviously wet or dry, feeling the sample between two fingers is always the best practice, as going off colour alone can be deceiving.
  • In larger pots, probe several times in different areas to confirm the soil moisture.
  • Remember that ideal watering times vary between plants, seasons and environments.
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